Aussie Pet Store Chain Expanding

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Published: 08th December 2010
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Perths Premium Pet Stores launch

With 2 new pet stores opening in 2010 this brings the total up to 8 stores across WA we are now focusing our expansion efforts to bring our pet shops online said Andrew McMullen who is helping head up the Pet City move.

We hope to have our entire pet supply catalog online by June 2010 Entering the data is a huge job but we are adding new pet products into the catalog daily.

Popular Pets

Pet sales have continued to grow and in fact even with the economic turmoil of the past few years new pet purchases and livestock adoptions continue to grow each financial year. This popularity is not always in the best interest of the animals when pet owners are not aware of their pets needs especially in the case of the more exotic pets such as large parrots and reptiles which they do not entirely understand or know how to look after properly. At Pet City we feel we have an obligation to help educate our customers by providing material and resources for learning enabling customers to be the best pet owners they can be.

The WWW will help us better serve our customers and offer additional services and assistance we simply cannot do without the internet. For customers searching for new pets we have newsletters that will send direct via email like our puppy notifier which will keep customers looking for their next puppy updated by email of the new puppies we have in our stores. We feel this is a valuable service for customers searching for the right puppy or other pet that suits them since they can quickly browse the animals available in stores and then visit the store where the puppy is located saving time and helping their efforts to find just the right pet for them. The subscriptions extend to more than just puppies with Newsletters catering also to kittens and those looking for particular breeds of birds, fish, reptiles and small animals.

Better Pet Services

We also have a range of newsletters to help new pet owners get to know their pets and how to take the best care of them.Our newsletters feature articles and information on pet care, training bonding and more to help ensure our customers have all the tools and knowledge required to be a responsible pet owner and provide them with long life and the loving, happy and safe environment which all pets deserve.

In addition to the extra services we hope to gain new customers from our online catalog which in theory will open us up to the rest of Australia and the world so we are looking forward and excited about the development of the upcoming new Pet City WA online shopping catalog and having the pleasure of extending our pet related services to new customers around the world.

These are exciting times for Pet City WA who have been a market leader in the West AustralianPet Industry and have continued to grow each year. People will always love animals and now Pet City is spreading its wings and challenging Australia and the rest of the world to be responsible for their pets and use our resources to self educate ensuring that all Pet owners are the best Pet owners that they can be.

The new Pet City WA website can be found at

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